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wandering eye wednesday: week seventeen/3

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BFFs Lake Havasu

Posting with my phone today – and trying to claim my blog on Bloglovin – if you couldn’t already tell by the link at the top – which is like taking back a country from a dictator. Both of these things make me a little crazy! But I took the above photo with my phone, edited it with Snapseed on my phone and so posting it from my phone seems fitting.

These two Geminis are like peas in a pod, thick as thieves, and our trip to Havasu was nothing short of Bro Fest 2016. I absolutely mean that in a good way, because these BFFs need their bro time or they get cranky (well, I can vouch for Joe anyway). This dude married us, he’s been around since before I was, and they practically speak in code. I love that Joe has such a great bestie!

I vignetted the photo, adjusted the ambiance slightly and leveled it out.

Editor’s Note: photo taken from this Lake Havasu trip.

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