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24 Hours in Prescott, Arizona

Hey buddy, how’s it going? I’m slowly finding my footing over here, and the creative spark is a little hit or miss.  I’m grateful for the hits.

I wanted to share our pictures from the trip to Prescott we took a couple weeks ago. It was a nice escape from reality to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary (and yeah, lots of things I could insert here about time and flying and not really but sorta!). We did have a great time, and I thought, “hell, I might as well put together a travel plan for 24 hours in Prescott while I’m at it, so everyone knows all the best spots.” Because I think you should go.  No, really, you totally should.  If you’re local, especially.  I was sad to find out that lots of our favorite spots shut their doors due to lack of business. Total bummer.

BUT. We did check out a couple new places, and hit up all the remaining spots on Whiskey Row to wet our whistle. HA! Do people even say that anymore?? Here’s the rundown of what to do in Prescott if you’ve got 24 hours!

Prescott Granite Mountain

First, if you’re there on a Saturday-Sunday stay, hit up the the Prescott Farmers Market first thing and grab lunch supplies.  We got a couple of ginormous tamales and some artisan bread.  I would have liked to see some sort of fruit other than citrus since we’ve had our fill (’tis the season around here).  And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss a local cheese maker.  But it may have been a bad day? It’s worth buying local, regardless. The people are sweet and it’s close to spot #2.

Second, hike Granite Basin. You remember my WEW post with this pic? It’s a beautiful area with lots of birds to check out.  Plus, it smells like pinecones and clean air, which is my version of peaceful.  So refreshing and restorative.  We did the Granite Mountain trail to avoid too many people.  It worked, mostly.

Next up, check into your hotel.  We stayed at the Hotel St. Michael.  Check her out here. She’s old and beautiful from the outside and lobby, but be prepared for just plain old in your room if you stay there.  The staff rocks it, though!

Hotel St. Michael, Prescott, Arizona paintedposies.comHotel St. Michael Prescott, Arizona

I apologize in advance for all the dark pictures.  I didn’t start snapping so much until a little bit into our Whiskey Row experience.

After you’re all checked in and ready for the night, head over to Bill’s Grill.  It’s a short walk past the main drag, but nothing crazy.  They have a great craft beer and burger menu (including veggie-friendly!) and their staff is also pretty awesome. Also, if you get the onion straws and figure out an effective way to shovel them into your mouth without making a mess/dropping half on the floor, please share!

Bills Grill Prescott, Arizona

Then, head back to Whiskey Row and do like a true tourist does: hit every bar and have a drink.  First stop is the Birdcage Saloon. Sorry, no pictures! It’s well-known and popular, though. VERY country. Next up is Whiskey Row Pub, where we legit saw a dog sitting at the bar.  The atmosphere here is a little less bucket hat, but still, it’s cowboy country up here so, you know. Wander on a little bit and you stumble upon The Palace.  More of a restaurant, but these boys know how to pub.  There’s a full authentic cowboy bar, and since we have run into these fellas a few times, I’m guessing a hot spot for dudes who dress up in period pieces and run parades around these parts. And I almost sound a little bit country! Finish your pint and head on out to Jersey Lilly Saloon.

Jersey Lilly Saloon Prescott

This will forever be known as The Spot Where Joe Got Hit On. Not because he isn’t hit on other places-well, I mean. He better not be! But this is where I got to witness a single lady in all her glory! It was truly a sight to behold.  SO.  Joe is wearing this number:

And it’s not even St. Patrick’s Day.  Of course he’s getting some attention, right? I’m sitting facing the bar next to him, but a fair enough distance away that as an outsider looking in, you might think we aren’t together. I’m chugging water at this point, because come ON. I’m talking to the bartender, and I hear Joe chuckle.  Without looking, I ask, what’s up? He tells me that there is a girl across the bar that just centered him in the middle of her selfie.  I smile to myself and think, quite the little spectacle a dude in a kilt is.  Next thing I know, little-miss-selfie-taker is right in between us, her ass to my face, asking Joe what his name is! You guys.  We’ve been together 16 years.  It’s totally flattering when a girl knows I’ve got a good one! So before I know it, Joe is telling her his name and introducing “my wife” and she’s looking all flabbergasted and foot-in-her-mouth.  It was pretty cute.  We had a sweet exchange, and before you know it, we were on our way to the next saloon.

Which happens to be Hooligan’s Pub.  They play more modern music, a little bit of everything.  It’s a lot of fun, with a second floor.  The great thing about all of these bars is that they have lots of live entertainment, billiards, darts, karaoke, trivia – everything “bar”.  They offer more than most local places, that’s for sure. After Hooligan’s, check out Matt’s Saloon. A fun little place that’s all country and apparently offers off-track betting? Things get a little foggy in my memory at this point! Our hotel was on the corner after this bar, and then across the street is The Drunken Lass. We spent most of the rest of the night here due to it’s proximity to my pillow.  We stopped in for a quick drink, went back to our hotel to freshen up before deciding to walk over to the Prescott Brewing Company just to say we did.

Prescott Brewing Company

This place was PACKED.  Which sorta made me sad.  It’s very modern and unlike every other bar in the historic area.  No wonder so many of the others were shutting their doors! Maybe people are looking for the new and the now, rather than reveling in the history of Whiskey Row? Not to knock this place, they were fine.  Just not personal and authentically Prescott like the bars around the corner, is all.  When I had had enough, we made our way back to The Drunken Lass to check out the live music. Heavy Metal, though I shouldn’t have been surprised.

The Drunken Lass Prescott, Arizona

A great day, for sure! We slept in the next morning and took our time getting back to Phoenix. We’ve celebrated our anniversary in Prescott several times, and didn’t even realize it until someone else brought it up.  Apparently, it’s our anniversary place. If you have the time, or are in the area, definitely check out this fun little stretch to enjoy the history and flavor of this iconic western town. Before it’s too late, apparently!

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