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About Collage

Oh, hey! So glad you stopped by! My name is Amy, and Painted Posies Photography is my baby.  My goal is to capture you and your family in natural settings doing what you do.  There are no contrived poses, no fancy Photoshop editing going on.  It’s all about you and your loved ones just being in the moment in a beautiful place and capturing it for years to come.  Freezing a moment in time that you can remember and cherish forever? That’s my passion.

I’ve been blogging here at Painted Posies for a few years now.  You’ll find my blog posts at the click of a link on my front page. Painted Posies the Blog is a fun little space full of photography, crafting, cooking, creating and whatever else I come up with. Some days, that means a recipe I concocted or something crafty I did. Other days, it could be info on a party I’m planning or something new happening in the garden. Every Wednesday, I share a photo post of something I snapped while out and about.  It’s always fun so I hope you’ll swing by and hang out for a bit!

I’m located in Phoenix, Arizona and often travel to escape the heat.  I’m married to a dude named Joe, have a great dog name Jones, and we’re all part of a huge family with tons of kiddos that often become my photo subjects.  We camp, we travel, we throw parties, we enjoy every moment available! And along the way, I take a lot of photos to remember every adventure.

Please contact me if you are looking for a fun, easy-going photography experience that captures your family’s little lovely moments.  I’d love to meet you!

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