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Heya! How’d your weekend shake out? I had such a lovely two days celebrating my birthday in all sorts of ways, as it should be done. After-work drinks and bowling, an unforgettable brunch filled with laughter and delicious food, a couple naps, family and friends and hugs all around. It sure made this girl feel super special!

Random question: what do you know about the sign of Aquarius? Do you believe in astrology? I do.  I also think I’m sort of the epitome of an Aquarius, so I love reading about what makes my sign tick because it usually makes me feel better about how particular and particularly frustrating Aquarians/I can apparently be.  Did you know Aquarians are represented by a water bearer, but we are actually an air sign? Complicated lot, huh?

Common characteristics of an Aquarius? Independent, original, aloof, and rebellious. Stay with me here…

“Lots of people like rainbows. Children make wishes on them, artists paint them, dreamers chase them, but the Aquarian is ahead of everybody. He lives on one. What’s more, he’s taken it apart and examined it, piece by piece, color by color, and he still believes in it. It isn’t easy to believe in something after you know what it’s really like, but the Aquarian is essentially a realist, even though his address is tomorrow, with a wild-blue-yonder zip code.” – Linda Goodman

I know, I know.  If you aren’t into this kind of thing, it’s SO cheesy! But I LOVE IT. For me, truer words have never been spoken. I’m a thinker, an over-analyzer, a dreamer. My brain never shuts off! Do you know any Aquarians? And, if so, are they like this, too?

Age of Aquarius

I thought it might be fun to share 10 random things you don’t know about me, in honor of my birthday month.  Besides, it’s stops me from blathering on about Aquarians for a minute, right? Here goes:

  1. I have lots of recurring dreams, even dreaming deeply in between snooze sessions on my alarm.
  2. Speaking of the snooze button: I am not the hear-the-alarm-pop-out-of-bed kind. I have worked my snooze button ever since I was a kid. I’m cool with it. Even if it means setting my alarm at least a half hour early. Joe’s lucky he leaves before me every day!
  3. I have a thing about germs. I always wash my hands after handling a menu at a restaurant and when I get home from anywhere, among many other little clean freak ticks.
  4. I feel guilty about something every day.  Didn’t call someone, said the wrong thing, whatever.  I’m an easy target, and even feel guilty for feeling guilty.  It’s something I work on all.the.time.
  5. I wanted to be a dancer when I was a little girl, and then a writer, and then an artist, and then a teacher, and then a psychologist and then a craft store owner. And lots of stuff in between. Let’s just say, I can’t resist a personality test.
  6. I tried to learn how to crochet.  I had a couple people attempt to school me, bought a book and fussed with it on my own.  Crocheting is wizardry, I tell you.
  7. I am a sucker for calendars, paper, notes, lists, magazines, keepsakes and photographs.  Paper is one of my most hoarded items.  I have boxes and boxes of this stuff, corralled and organized in labeled bins.
  8. I don’t change my mind easily, but I will consider most things and modify my beliefs when I’m proven wrong. “You can expect him to give his opinion frankly, but he won’t try to dictate how you should think or how you should live your life. Conversely, he doesn’t intend to let you tell him how he should think or live his.” That Linda Goodman. She just GETS me, you know?
  9. I finished my second semester of high school and all of college living on my own, working two jobs, and being sleep deprived and broke.
  10. I’m glad I’m getting older and settling down. It’s made me respect my own opinion, feelings and time a whole lot more than a decade ago. I’m much happier now than I’ve ever been.

I feel like this is my year. The age of Aquarius, so to speak.  I finally feel like I’m in my own, like I’m putting myself first, ready to express myself regardless of what those mean voices in my head say.  I’m ready to be who I want to be.  Whether it’s a writer, artist, teacher or fool.  Happy birthday to me, it’s the Age of Aquarius!

All quotes from Linda Goodman here. Photo at top by Sidney Hall.

Editor’s Note: Wondering how it turned out? Click here.

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  • Dylan

    I believe in Astrology too! Well, I believe in Aquarian Astrology at the least. When I hear other Aquarians speak, such as reading this post, I’m like, yep, nailed it! I was providing 1:1 therapy and the person I was providing therapy too said, kind of out of nowhere, “You’re an Aquarian, I can tell. So am I.” Aquarians seem to flock together too. I know so many Aquarians! Aquarians are the only people that I’ve stuck with and who have stuck with me. I find this amazing because Aquarians are so aloof. That’s why I believe in (Aquarian) Astrology!ReplyCancel

    • azamyw

      I know a lot of Aquarians, too! I think you’re onto something about us flocking together… I feel like out of all the signs, Aquarians are the most unique. Of course, I realize I’m biased! Ha!ReplyCancel