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all the things i didn’t do

LOL! I know that’s not the ideal way to start this, but seriously, the dog just let out an incredible sigh as I was getting ready to write this post.  He just spent hours with his fur-cousin and is straight-up exhausted. Like, can’t even lift his head tired.   And honestly, life is kinda just that way right now.  I had to put off one of my sisters on doing something until the middle of March – the middle of freaking MARCH – because life is just so – “sigh.” I need to learn to say “NO,” or maybe I don’t… I can’t decide.  Because saying “YES” gets me moments like these:

Roadrunner Park Feeding Ducks Phoenix ArizonaI spent the night with these little rascals, the day with Mr. Jones, and the afternoon with  family, and I have to say.. I didn’t get the new website any more designed, the side yard any more cleaned up, the studio any closer to done.  But I sure did enjoy my time. And the truth is, regardless of how chaotic my schedule, making space for family brings me joy.

I’m pretty hard on myself.  I worry about what needs to be done, what wasn’t done, what could have been done.  But I think that I need to consider what WAS done.  Like, I cleaned the main living areas, I had a slumber party with two really cool four-year-old’s, I hung out with my family, I did a crap-ton of laundry.  I accomplished stuff, dang it.  And even though my car isn’t washed, the dog stinks, and our bathroom is definitely not guest-friendly, I lived.  Happily.  And dammit, you should too.  Because seriously.  Where did the agenda come from? Live your life, enjoy the moments and for the love of your God, stop comparing yourself to anyone else’s experience.

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