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Amsterdam’s De Kas restaurant

Hi guys! How’s your week starting out? We powered through a lovely, fun-filled and exhausting weekend. A Louisiana fish boil, a birthday party triathlon, and a football filled Sunday. I could barely keep my eyes open all day today, but I really wanted to share this post with you! I meant to do it last year, but the draft went by the wayside as we got busy with other things. Since it’s been almost exactly a year now, I think the timing is good for revisiting Amsterdam’s De Kas restaurant. It’s far too beautiful to ignore any more! Plus, I’ve been reminiscing about our trip lately because it’s so hard to believe it’s only been a year since I explored London and Amsterdam with my sister…

People! Check these out:



I mean, COME ON! And then there’s the meal! Ahhhmazing.

Lunch started with luscious green olives, sweet pickled green and yellow wax beans served with a rustic loaf of bread and a lemon infused olive oil for dipping. The next course was a light and flavorful soup topped with a frothy cream and served in a drinking glass. Our salad course came as grilled baby greens with anchovies, parmesan cheese and a dressing with just a hint of sweetness. That dish arrived just before the soft red and yellow beet salad with pickled cucumber and celery. For the main course, I chose a tender white fish with pesto and freshly picked vegetables. Finally, dessert: a beautiful cheese board served on olive wood with jam and fennel infused apricots and soft bread with nuts. Everything was so delicate and flavorful, especially paired with the delicious wine!

Can I mention the setting now?

European food service is a slow and deliberate process. Combine that with a dining room inside an actual greenhouse with perfectly creamy lighting, surrounded by the Frankendael Park filled with the sound of children playing and birds chirping and you’ve got an ambiance that I can’t even begin to describe. I seriously felt like we were having a meal inside a Disney movie! We even had to cross a picturesque bridge through lush greenery and flowers to get there. Everything about De Kas was just stunning.


Amsterdam’s De Kas restaurant crafts their menu based on the food that’s growing in their garden. I’m pretty sure the meal was so good mostly because the ingredients were fresh and in season. I wandered through the greenhouse and gardens, snapping away with my camera, dreamy eyed with awe. I think the only reason I was able to leave so easily is because we had reservations for a tour right after lunch! Highly, highly, highly recommend De Kas if you are ever in the area! Here’s their link so you can see for yourself. All the other reviews are crazy good, too!

Have you tried any amazing restaurants lately? What was your favorite part? The food? The service? The atmosphere? I’d love to know!

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