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and then there’s monday

Good day, kind peep.  Haha! Did you eat any peeps yesterday? I am not a fan of marshmallows, so none for me.  If you aren’t familiar, peeps are chick shaped marshmallows dipped in sugar.  They are usually a neon yellow, but now come in all sorts of springtime colors.  Not my thing, but hey, if they’re yours, cheers to the peep! Either way, I hope you had a great Easter (if that’s your thing).  I did! I saw lots of family and gorged myself with yummy food. And then comes Monday morning, to smack you in the forehead. Yay.

SO, then.  I was a little frantic last week with a broken-down car, and getting ready for the holiday and trying to get a party together for my nieces.  Let’s use nice words, and say that it was “hectic”, shall we? I did have a 15 year since-we-started-dating anniversary with that husband guy to top it all off.  Here’s what I made to commemorate the day:

15 Years

I was so preoccupied that I made a mistake, and even someone who doesn’t know us could figure it out.  Can you?

I created it in and printed it at Costco, framed it and presented it like it was a precious jewel.  And what do you know? Joe loved it! Success 🙂 Let me know if you want the how-to’s, I’d be happy to share (seriously, so easy!) and I hope you are having a not-so-manic-monday!

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