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back to reality

Today was a sad, sad day for me. I had to trade my flip flops for heels, cut-offs for a skirt and leather bracelets for a watch. I always struggle with the first day back to work after a really great vacation, don’t you? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? My brain is all mushy and discombolutated and I’m asking stupid questions. To spare you, I’ll just share some of our vacation photos and move right along.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, California

California Crab

say hello to my crabby friend!

Mission Bay

Mission Bay, California

Mission Bay

Mission Bay, California

California Clouds

we didn’t get to see a single sunset because there was too much cloud cover


the cloud cover also affected all of my fireworks photos 

Yellow Fireworks

but I still got a few interesting shots

Marshmallow War!

after the fireworks, there is a legendary marshmallow war every year on Ocean Beach

Marshmallow War Aftermath

which leaves a legendary mess

Marshmallow War Aftermath

Broken Sandals

and dozens of broken flip flops abandoned in the street due to the sticky aftermath ~

luckily, the streets are cleaned up pretty efficiently the next day!

SO, two things to mark off the Summer 2013 Bucket List: sitting on the ocean and listening to the waves, and watching the fireworks with my husband.  Wait, I could include roadtrip on this one too! Except I don’t know if THE song of the summer was blasting at any point… I’m not even sure I know what that song is yet.  Do you? Have you accomplished any of your Summer Bucket List to-do’s? Please, do tell!

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