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Being a Desert Rat in Lake Havasu, Arizona

Holy Mama am I tired.  I hope you are having a great weekend so far! I’m writing this Saturday night, after spending the day on five hours of sleep running around visiting family, and taking my Little Bit and my Bean, both toddlers, for the day.  This included sitting in the sun in 108 degree heat watching them play at a local splash pad while I felt like my body turned into a warm slushy:  hot, sticky and completely melted.  They enjoyed themselves though, and currently I’m a zombie typing away at the computer while the Bean sleeps in the next room only to surely wake up before I’m even halfway ready for her to tomorrow.  Oy.  But life is good, and I’m trying to get this post together so I can share these pictures from our trip to Lake Havasu over Memorial Day weekend.

Lake Havasu Desert Road

It was a great trip, even though I got food poisoning with our first meal of the visit.  Of course I spent the following 24 hours sick and miserable, which meant no boat time and a pretty gnarly stomach.  But seeing our friends and spending a weekend just relaxing (aka in bed) was really much-needed.  We did manage to go antiquing in their sleepy downtown, walk the London Bridge area and check out a local brewery. Can you believe Joe gave me heat about taking the good camera out in public for fear that it would scream “TOURIST!!”?  I tried to argue that maybe it would just scream “PHOTOGRAPHER!!” but I was too weak to give much push back.  So most of these were taken with my iPhone camera aside from the desert landscapes, because the desert really couldn’t care less if I looked like a tourist.

Lake Havasu Arizona Desert

Mountains Lake Havasu Arizona

Lake Havasu Shoreline Mountains

London Bridge Lake Havasu

London Bridge Lake Havasu Hav

Lake Havasu Park at London Bridge

Lake Havasu Landscaping

Joe in Lake Havasu

Amy in Lake Havasu

College Street Brewhouse and Pub Pint

Lake Havasu Cloudy Skies

Lake Havasu Arizona Sunset

Have you ever been to Lake Havasu? It’s a party town for sure!  The locals are laid back and generally own a watercraft of some sort.  They do love their lake.  The tourists are like a catalogue of all the beautiful people.  Pasties are sold in the shops along the shore, so you can use your imagination on how rowdy it gets down there.  The boats are works of art, too.  They are shiny, flashy and fast.  Crawling your vessel under the bridge just to show off is pretty much a necessity.  Speaking of which, the London Bridge was transported one brick at a time and reassembled over the water a while back.  It’s pretty neat, really.  I wish I had more tourist-y pictures to share!

Anyway, I’m off to collapse in bed now.  I hope you guys have a great Sunday! I’m planning a nap already! 😉

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