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checking in on the garden: October 2013

Checking in on the Garden October 2013I know we are lucky in Phoenix to have two growing seasons: Spring AND Autumn.  I started seed in September (for that post, click here).  We have babies of mesclun lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes, squash, carrots, snap peas, pumpkin and some unidentified greens.  The basil and pepper plants hung in there all summer, and the eggplant and artichoke are making a comeback.  Here are some pictures of the little guys and gals:

What we’ll be doing this month:

  1. Fertilizing all of our plants and seedlings
  2. Laying seed for winter grass
  3. Harvesting basil for pesto (get the recipe here)
  4. Planting our romaine lettuce and celery cuttings
  5. Trimming the palm trees
  6. Planting something (not sure what yet) along the back wall and trellis
  7. Taking a looong nap 😉

What’s happening in your garden right now?

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