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christmas hangover

I hope you had a great holiday, whichever one you celebrate! And I hope that your holiday got stuck in a time warp and you enjoyed every slow moment of it.  I know I enjoyed mine immensely, just wish it wasn’t over already! Here are a few highlights from Christmas 2013:

Potato Sack Races

Snowball Relay

Tug of War

Fun With Paper

Letter to Santa

Christmas Eve Fire

Santa Baby

We had a great Christmas Eve with family all day.  We ate non-stop, laughed our booties off, set the kids up with some old-school games (seriously, how have they NEVER played tug-of-war before?!?) and closed the night with a fire that included Rolo s’mores.  Christmas morning came too soon, with our niece and nephews waking up to see what the big man and tipsy adults set up in the night.  We enjoyed the rest of the day with Joe’s family.  Doesn’t his dad make a great Santa? He has been really busy this year with making appearances around the valley! I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such good people.

I hope all of you enjoyed a merry and bright holiday season! Next week is the one-year anniversary of my blog.  I want you to know how much I appreciate all of you keeping tabs on our happenings around here!


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