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crafting a cloth pumpkin

Creating A Cloth Pumpkin

So, I admit it.  I have a slight tendency to collect decorations.  Birthday party, Pumpkin party, Christmas, you name it.  I store them nice though, OK? Unfortunately, because I hang on to things so long, they start to deteriorate after a while.  So then I try to breathe new life into stuff that falls apart, because I’m cheap and yes, I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to decorations.  I had to give CPR to one of our fake pumpkins over the weekend.  The paint was peeling right off the poor thing, so I decided to wrap it in cloth and give it some more time to be hoarded.  I’m so nice, aren’t I? Here’s a quick little BEFORE and AFTER:

Creating A Cloth Pumpkin

Supplies: fake pumpkin, fabric, scissors, glue gun, twine. To Do: Glue the fabric onto the pumpkin, pleating it in intervals.  Tie the loose ends at the top with some twine.  And then you have this:

Creating A Cloth Pumpkin

Also note the paper pumpkins sitting on the shelf below the new and improved cloth pumpkin.  I made those last year.  Wonder how long they’ll last? Hehehe

"Phoenix" Font

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