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create your own: chili bar

Creating a Chili Bar

Well, by now, if you’ve been following along at least, you know we had a Chili Bar for this year’s Pumpkin Party.  And I’m sure you are SO over hearing about our PP, but a chili bar comes in handy for the both the Autumn and Winter seasons, I swear! So I’m showing you the how-to, just in case you want to do a Fall Cook-Out, Chili Contest, Football Party or any other get-together that might benefit from a super fun Chili Bar! And I promise, I won’t mention the P-word again until next year, OK? 😉

SO, for our Chili Bar, we started with a sign highlighting the fixins’. We had hot dogs, bunscorn bread, tortilla chips, shredded cheese, sour cream, chopped onion, crackers, jalapenos, chopped tomatoes, Fritos, mustard and ketchup. Of course we had a giant roaster of the famous Weaver Chili (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and a crock pot full of vegetarian chili courtesy of Joe’s sister.  We put the hot dogs in a warming tray with water and let them heat up a few hours before the party.

Chili Bar Ingredients

my sister helped me make this awesome sign with a board I picked up from H4H, scrapbooking paper and stickers, a paint pen, stencil, and mini clothespins attached with hot glue 

Chili Bar Supplies

before we added and opened the food (and removed the treat table candies-don’t mind those!)

Chili Bar Supplies

a close-up of our signage and the burlap wrapped roaster, before we opened and added food

It figures that I don’t have a picture of the Chili Bar before it was mauled by hungry party guests.  But you get the idea, right?

"Phoenix" Font

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