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doorknobs to towel hooks

Doorknobs to Towel Hooks

So, I went and picked up a some things from Habitat for Humanity recently.  I got doorknobs, a towel bar and a bag of screws to use for upcycling into something useable in our home.  I just finished hanging the renovated doorknobs and thought I would post a few transformation pictures for your viewing pleasure – haha!

I set the knobs up on a box to prep them for spray painting.  I was a little paranoid about coloring our landscape rock, so for extra measure I put newspaper under the box as well.  Next, I spray painted them from about a foot away on all sides to get a nice, even layer.  For this, I used Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze paint, which was nice since it didn’t require me to sand or prime the metal doorknobs at all.  I just had to make sure everything was clean and free of dust.  I will definitely use this stuff again since it certainly appeals to my lazy side! 😉 After a second coat was applied and dry, I was able to move the doorknobs inside and start getting them hung in our master bathroom.

Doorknobs Before

Spray Paint

Doorknobs After

I won’t lie, I’m pretty bad at hanging things straight and aligned, especially stuff like this where I want it all to line up but it isn’t attached.  It took me a while, but at least I had the sense to think of creating a pattern first! And I looked like I knew what I was doing carrying around a level, hammer, nails, paper, pencil and screwdriver… well, I thought so anyway!

I used a piece of paper to rub the bottom of the doorknobs so I could use them as nail guides.

I used a piece of paper to rub the bottom of the doorknobs so I could use them as nail guides

After about 30 minutes of monkeying around with it, I finally got them all up, semi-straight and definitely functional! I’m pretty proud of my “after” since the “before” was a standard grade aluminum towel bar that matched absolutely nothing in this room. Plus, I’ve got plans for that towel bar in another room.  You’ll have to stay tuned for that project, coming soon!

"After" Towel Hooks

p.s. I changed the mirror above from gold to oil rubbed bronze a few years ago also

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