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checking in on the garden: bringing back dormant bermuda grass

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Hey there, awesome peeps! How’d your weekend turn out? Did you catch a little luck of the Irish for St. Paddy’s Day on Friday? We enjoyed an Irish-themed night with family, food and shenanigans. It was a great time! Spring is coming, but our winter was short – bittersweet considering the weather has been beautiful and unfortunately, the summer will be long. There’s an Irish prophesy for you 😉 One of our chores this weekend included reviving our first-year bermuda grass from dormancy. Installed about a year ago (see here), we couldn’t over-seed for winter with rye grass because the sod was still so new. Which meant dead grass for the winter, tracked into the house by a dirty dog who enjoyed rolling in it for funsies <insert eye roll here>.

bringing back dormant bermuda grass

I started writing out this whole thing and was so bored I couldn’t bear to bring you down with me. Figured I’d spare the commentary and just share a quick and easy checklist for bringing your first-year bermuda grass out of dormancy, easy peasy.

Bringing 1st Year Bermuda Grass Out of Dormancy

Hit me up if you have any questions about keeping grass in the desert – I feel like a semi-expert at this point (note the “semi” -HA!)

xoxo, amy

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