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Amsterdam Sunset Canal Cruise

So I had a really fun post planned for today, which required me to set up some pictures and research. And, well…  It ain’t gonna happen, folks. We’re headed out of town for the weekend, and naturally I’m super-duper excited! Joe is getting antsy to leave, like, yesterday.  What should also be noted: I haven’t had any real time off since my trip to Europe last September, aside from a weekend away here or there, and it’s beginning to make my brain itch. This trip is only a 3-day-er and it’s just enough to tide me over until our annual Ocean Beach trip this July.  Eeeeee! Meanwhile, all the stuff isn’t getting done…

So I leave you with a few links I fell down the rabbit hole on this week.  I told you, I’m always reading! Sometimes, I get a little lost in the thick of it…

This motley crew makes me smile 🙂 And I’d like to know how she gets them all to sit still for every amazing picture she takes?!?

A new find of really old stuff, and I find myself wondering… like, what was life like back then? What exactly did they do?

This Instagram account cracks me up. I love how each person is creative in such a unique way!

I’m thinking about being more active with this site – do/would you follow me on there? Have you used it? Thoughts?

I think we’re gonna bite the bullet on a kitchen reno. Be a doll and help me pick one of these backplashes, would you?

If you get a minute, tell me what you think of this type of post! I enjoy them on other blogs, but don’t want to regurgitate the same stuff that’s trending everywhere else, you know? OR bore you with links that you don’t like…

I hope you have a fantastically beautifully amazing weekend! *Muah!*



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