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down the rabbit hole: week three

Down The Rabbit Hole 4 Ocean Beach Sunset Shore and Pier Silhouette

It’s been a great-slash-unsettling week. We ignored the news while on vacation, and so when we got back and heard what’s been going on around the world… it’s just been a little unnerving.  Even in Ocean Beach there was terrible news we didn’t have a clue about.  I sort of want to go back on vacation and put my head in the sand so I don’t feel as crummy about all the chaos, rage and sadness. All the commentary, opinions and hate.  I got totally absorbed in every bit of it this morning and was overcome with emotion.

And then, I decided my heart couldn’t take it anymore. I moved on to my favorite blogs as a distraction and came across the first link below. While I wasn’t originally going to do a blog post today, I thought, no. People DO need a distraction, to give their brains some space to process things.  So here are a handful of links to get you thinking about something other than the headlines. If you’re lucky enough to be in a position to do so, that is…

My inspiration this morning.

I feel a shift happening in the way I think about my health lately. This is similar to the direction I’m headed…

Have you seen this adorable clip yet? Watch it until the end and tell me if your opinion changes (no, seriously, please do! I want to know what you think and if we had the same initial opinion!)

A friend of ours just started his own blog.  I am loving the concept and hope it takes off for him!

Is it weird, or is it different? I suppose it depends.

I hope you feel better after falling down the rabbit hole a bit! Much love and light to all of you out there.  My heart goes out to those personally affected by all the trauma in the world.  I hope you find comfort in the days to come. Until next time… <virtual>hugs

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