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getting my mentor on

I had such a great day! My morning exercise class was challenging but fun, work went by quick, I had an hysterical conversation with a friend about her “pretend husband” who reappears regularly in her dreams — with a full-on back-story on how they met in her dreams — and then I met my new mentee!  After about six months of paperwork, interviews, fingerprint clearance, background and reference checks, I finally get to volunteer with Arizona Quest for Kids next week.  Tonight was the mentor induction, where all the volunteers and kids got to meet each other for the first time.  It was a little like a blind date because neither of us knew what to expect.  I was SO nervous! But I have to say, the coordinators at Quest did a great job matching me with a child who has the same interests and a complimentary personality.  I am SO incredibly excited to meet with her one-on-one next week! And guess what? She “LOVES” crafts (emphasis on “loves” because that’s how she said it haha).

So now my work begins.  Being that it is Valentines day next week, I thought I would bring a craft to our meeting that focuses on that.  Fingers crossed she doesn’t need my help with any homework instead 😉

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