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goals for the new year: what’s important in 2017

What’s the haps, peoples? How’s your week going so far? I’ve been super productive and since these moods don’t tend to last, I’ve reveling in a big way! Like for instance, I had to appear for jury duty earlier this week, so because I was downtown I had a late lunch at my favorite restaurant. That I never go to, BTW, because it’s too far from everyday life. When I got home, a nap, long walk, cleaning frenzy, homemade facial and pedicure ensued. So lovely! Days like that keep me motivated – I’m riding the high like a surfer on The Big One. Which is perfect, since I wanted to write about my goals for the new year today – and hell if that isn’t inspiring!

Unsplash Brigitte Tohm Goals For The New Year

remembering 2016

Last year, I picked a word to rely on to get things done. I chose FOCUS, appropriate for every little bit I had planned for 2016. Of course, by the time everything was all said and done, I felt deflated and kind of sneered at the dumb word I naively assigned to 2016. Focus? Pft. “Deal” woulda been a better choice. Or “Cope”. Hell, I should have decided on a phrase – one like, “come back later.”

Here’s what I wrote then: I have a word picked out for 2016, too. It’s “FOCUS.” I want to focus on what’s really important to me this year, what I want for my life and who I want to become. Focus on my photography business, focus on my artistic side, focus on seeing new places and experiencing new things. Focus on my loved ones, and my dreams. Focus on what matters, and lose sight of those niggling little frustrating things.

Now that there’s a little space to look back and reflect, I actually think Focus was a great word. Because with everything that happened, I ended up focusing a ton – just not in the way I thought I would. I focused on family, our home, and goals for this life in a way that couldn’t have dreamt I would. I think “Focus” really summed up what I ended up doing for the last year in a very real and meaningful way. And now? So ready to move on…

goals for the new year: what’s important in 2017

Ahem. Goals for the new year… Wellll… My photography business is top priority, like I mentioned in this post. And I want to get back into a healthy routine like everyone else on the planet, it seems. You’ll hopefully see more of me here on the blog – the deep down nitty gritty stuff, along with everything I love: home, garden, photography, entertaining and creating. That’s a giant goal of mine for 2017.

And… that’s it. I’ve learned to narrow my focus (there’s that word again) and really decide what’s important to me. Although, I guess I do have one more goal for the new year: to honor myself. My ideas, my experience, my vision, my needs, my feelings = all totally important and necessary. I’ve learned so much about myself recently, and I’m feeling brave enough to make me my priority in 2017. And I’m not just saying that this time!

So, what’s on your agenda for 2017? What are your goals for the new year? I’d love to hear 🙂

xoxo, amy

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  • Dylan

    One of the great things about growing older is not only finding our true path (hopefully, and if not, read The Alchemist) and voice but being able to unabashedly express it to others. Congratulations on your many accomplishments both internally and externally! Here’s to a great 2017!

    Amy this is certainly no surprise to you but my major goal for 2017 started as a dream about 2002. That’s when I began my journey toward becoming a licensed therapist. Graduating with my MSW from USC is a major step forward and I am so happy that I will make, with 3 months to go I am confident, my self-imposed deadline set over a decade ago to graduate in this year.ReplyCancel

    • azamyw

      I’ve read The Alchemist, it was lovely and powerful for me. I am incredibly proud of your soon-to-be accomplishment of graduating. I know you’ll do great things for this world (and you have already). Thank you for your kind words and for being such a bright light for me. XoxoReplyCancel