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happy blogversary painted posies!

Holy mama, you guys! Did you know that Painted Posies has been going on now for FOUR years?!? Now past the toddler stage and straight on into the preschool age, and I’m like, whoa, where did my baby go? Haha, seriously though. I can’t believe it’s only been four years, and at the same time already four years. If you’ve been following along since the start, you likely remember all sorts of different clips – things I’ve long ago forgotten, I’m sure. I thought it would be fun to take a quick trip down memory lane, just for funsies.

happy blogversary painted posies: through the years

happy blogversary painted posies

Wandering Eye Wednesday has generally been a pretty popular series, albeit a little less so lately. Here are the top Wandering Eye Wednesday posts from the last four years. And yeah, so grateful I ditched the frames!

Wandering Eye Wednesday: Week Five/2

Wandering Eye Wednesday: Week Thirty-six

Wandering Eye Wednesday: Week Twenty-Nine

Wandering Eye Wednesday: Week Twenty-Two

Wandering Eye Wednesday: Week Ten

Los Angeles is also a crowd pleaser ’round these parts. One of my dearest destinations (thanks to one of my most beloved people), I’m happy to see these posts were in the top ten:

Spring Break in LA , and here, and herehere and here

The City of Angels

Recipes have been a staple around here, even if they are far and few between anymore. I love sharing simple vegetarian meals, and I do spice things up with carnivorous meals now and again…

Savory Grilled Romaine Salad

Just a quickie: fast appetizers

Getting outside and camping, hiking or just enjoying nature is an important part of my life, and so it’s featured on Painted Posies here and there:

Camping in the Pines

When the White Mountains Are White

Hiking in the Desert

Some lists, because those are my jam (glad you concur!):

Top 25 Favorite Instagram Feeds

Down the Rabbit Hole: Week Three

HEY! Ya’ll like my photography!

Welcome to Painted Posies Photography

A sweet tribute to my brother and sisters, and what it’s like to be one of five siblings:


Out and about in the Phoenix metropolitan area:

Double Date Night: Modern Round Review

And our most exciting moment of 2016 – the new kitchen! Here’s what you guys were digging about it:

Surviving a Remodel: The Kitchen Renovation Meal Plan

happy blogversary painted posies: author’s favorites

I have a few favorites, too. Posts near and dear to my heart, or those where I shared some deeper thoughts:

Why I Blog

Lessons From Blog Class

Jones at Six Months

Getting My Hopes Up

Wandering Eye Wednesday: Week Four/2

Ocean Beach Through A Child’s Eyes

Veg Head: Three Minute Dinner for One

Wandering Eye Wednesday: Stonehenge

London Calling

Welcome To The New Painted Posies 

happy blogversary painted posies: flashback!

Our first post was about shadow boxes. It feels a little weird now, although I’ve made a few and I DO still love them. I haven’t created a shadow box in so long now, though… This picture, jeez!

Let it Snow Shadow Box

I am so super incredibly proud of how far my photography skills have come, let me tell you. So, did I miss any of your favorites? Please share, I’d love to know!

xoxo, amy

Top Photo Credit: Greyson Joralemon for Unsplash

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