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just a quickie: getting ready for vacation!


Beach Umbrella

I hope everyone is finding a way to stay cool in the summer heat.  Because we are melting here in Phoenix.  I heard our record highs made national news, and I know there were a lot of Facebook posts around here that included pictures of in-dash temperature gauges reaching well-done hamburger temps.  I managed to stay fully submerged in the heat by training for the Phoenix Summit Challenge with my hiking partner, who, incidentally, tried to kill me via heat stroke.  I would share all of that experience with you, except that my brain was too fried to take many pictures, and I’d really like to forget the whole ordeal. Seriously, I had to sit and rest under the shade of a cactus because I was so gacked out.  Several times.  Luckily, a kind stranger offered me a frozen t-shirt to cool me down.  Why didn’t I think of that???!? I definitely need to remember that for next time…

At any rate, I’m getting out of the heat this week by being a “Zonie” in Californ-eye-aye. SO FREAKING EXCITED.  We are packing as I type, so I should probably get going.  Just want to share this quick link with you that I found to pack for your beach vacation.  I will post pictures from our trip soon!

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