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just a quickie: traditions and routines

Are any of you Game of Thrones fans? Or football? Any show or weekly broadcast of any kind? You know there’s something you watch on the regular. I mean, unless you’re anti-TV. Which is cool, if you are. We most definitely are not – we have weekly TV traditions, for better or worse. Our favorites include GOT and Cardinals football, and we stick pretty close to our weekly tradition and routine of preparing special meals and watching both together. For football, we head to my in-laws every Sunday and have a pre-planned, special meal we organize and work on as a team. During the week, we hang out at a local sports bar since we don’t get all the games without cable.  We enjoy mixing our weekly schedule and watching the game with other fans, so this works great for us!

As for Game of Thrones, we’ve been GOT geeks since the beginning. Now that we’re so far into the storyline and getting closer to the final season, it’s fun to plan a weekly menu to “celebrate.” A tradition we look forward to every week! After being together for 18 years, I love how we can get excited and eagerly await something in tandem four times a month. Traditions and routines can certainly be boring, for sure. Sometimes, though, we find comfort and excitement in traditions and routines – especially when they revolve around a shared interest or hobby. I love planning, preparing, and enjoying a yummy, special new recipe with that husband guy of mine on the weekly!

do you have traditions and routines with your significant other?

I’d love to hear what you do to keep the spark alive! Recently, the premier of GOT got us all excited, and we enjoyed a new, homemade pot pie recipe (recipe here) to celebrate. Here’s a photo because it was just too damn pretty not to share:

TV traditions and routines

Our GOT menu Sunday before last? BBQ Steak and Shrimp skewers with salad. I’m creating my own recipe, so if it turns out, I’ll share soon! Here’s the prep photo:

TV traditions and routines

Yesterday, I made blue cheese stuffed hamburgers for Joe, a veggie burger for me and potato packets to go with. What sort of traditions and routines do you and your loved ones follow? I’d love to know – please share!

xoxo, amy

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