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just a quickie: kitchen renovation before and after

Happy Friday, lovely people! How did your week shake out? You ready for Halloween yet? We had our Annual Pumpkin Party last Saturday, and it was a huge success – thanks in part to our new kitchen! We all know I’ve been yabbering on about the kitchen renovation in practically every post since the process began, so I thought it only fair that I share the before and after with you prior to divulging party details, because seriously. Priorities, right?

kitchen renovation before and after

Kitchen BEFORE living room view paintedposies.comKitchen AFTER living room view

After sharing pictures along the way with friends and family, I found it almost weirdly difficult to accurately describe how the footprint of our kitchen was changing. Lots of  questions and such confusion! I really couldn’t wait to show a side-by-side comparison of what exactly was happening. I think this set of pictures and the next are the most descriptive of our kitchen renovation before and after…

Kitchen AFTER dining room view paintedposies.comKitchen AFTER dining room view

So the top set of pictures is looking into the kitchen from the hallway perspective of our living room, and the second set is from looking into the kitchen from the dining room. You guys, we are so incredibly happy with the transformation and the space gained from our renovation! We especially love the floors and countertops, and I’ll do another post on those VERY soon, along with the process and some sources. Sorry, gotta be that chick! Life is a little discombobulated right now with the kitchen just being put back together quickly followed by a big party and then, well, life.

Kitchen BEFORE door view paintedposies.comKitchen AFTER door view

I can’t express how much we love, love, LOVE our new kitchen!!! Like, not enough heart-themed emojis in the world can describe how much we enjoy this new space. We’re still a few odds and ends away from wrapping up: adding extra lighting, painting the walls and getting some more furniture and accessories. But for now, this is how we are living, and we couldn’t be happier!

SO. What are your thoughts and questions? I’ll answer them in my next kitchen renovation post – promise!

PS here’s the info for our amazing contractor, in case you need a new kitchen, bathroom, whatever-we HIGHLY recommend him!!

Ray Bratton


Bratton Construction LLC

The BINSR Menders LLC

Bratton Cabinets & Carpentry LLC

ROC# 298187

Licensed, bonded & insured

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