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life lately…

Hello lovelies! Pardon me while I blow off the cobwebs and dust things off around here. I mean, it’s been a while, right? You ever find yourself staring off into space, not really thinking about anything and feeling lazy in a generally sloth-like way? I had a serious case of “I just don’t wanna” the last few weeks.  I think I got to the bottom of it, though, which brings us here: life lately. Figured I’d get you all caught up so we can get back to the fun!

Part of the sudden lethargy is a food sensitivity that I’ve apparently recently developed. Research on Dr. Google brought me to the conclusion that the culprit is probably gluten. It’s been a rough couple weeks without my beloved bread products. BUT. I can still apparently inhale cheese at a breakneck pace without issue, so there’s hope.

Life Lately

Life lately includes really working Pinterest for recipes! Here are my favorites so far:


Life lately also involves lots of time with family. My mom, sister and I went to a movie recently and holy mama have movie theaters changed!

Life Lately Movie Theatre

Dude. They have a bar now. And fully reclining, super comfy seats. OH! And food delivery service. Way to keep up with the changing times, AMC.

We went to AZ Bites and Brews with my sis and her man this weekend, too. Such a great time 🙂

Life Lately AZ Bites and Brews

Life Lately AZ Bites and Brews

Life Lately AZ Bites and Brews 2

And you guys? The garden. My, my, my. I didn’t plant a thing this year, and frankly, I didn’t want to (give the soil a break, amend it, reorganize things – you know, all the stuff I PLANNED to do). That space has a mind of it’s own, I tell you.

Life Lately Garden 2 paintedposies.comLife Lately Garden paintedposies.comLife Lately Spring Harvest

Tomatoes, lettuce going to seed, peppers, snapdragons and thyme. The peppers and thyme are the only things I planted – and that was years ago! The tomatoes, lettuce and snapdragons reseeded themselves, and while I appreciate the ambition, I wasn’t mentally prepared. Nor ambitious about tending them, truth be told. Thankfully, they grew on their own with little help from me. My heart just isn’t into it right now…  but I certainly appreciate the harvest I got!

Mostly, life lately consists of a whole lotta this:


Relaxing at home – that husband guy, Jones and I – laying around and watching whatever catches our attention onscreen. We’re patiently waiting for the next Walking Dead season to hit Netflix and Game of Thrones on HBO. I’m seriously bummed about Girls coming to an end, but super stoked for VEEP and The Leftovers! So what else is happening? We’re training Jones to be less attached (you guys, he’s addicted to love, and it’s become a problem!), looking forward to upcoming trips, wondering what we’re doing for the 4th of July this year (no Ocean Beach – can you imagine?!?) and trying to brace ourselves for the coming heat since summer came early this year.

What are YOU up to these days? I’d really love to know!


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