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making treasure out of a trash can

Trash Can and Metal Container After

Just a quick post today! We’ve been wanting to get a matching trash can for our master bathroom in an oil rubbed bronze finish but seriously? Trash cans are absurdly expensive! We had a can that was in a brushed aluminum finish and it was perfectly effective at collecting all our trash, so I thought, why not use some handy dandy oil rubbed bronze spray paint to make it match instead of going out and spending $20 or more on a new one? There isn’t much of a tutorial for this, since it’s so easy, but here’s what I did.

Trash Can and Metal Container Before

First, I cleaned the trash can really good with soap and water.  I had a metal container I’d been saving that I figured could be painted and used for storage in the master bath also, so I cleaned that too.  There is a stack of pallets outside that I’ve been using for spray painting, and will one day become something wonderful when I get the energy for a larger project.  In the meantime, it doesn’t matter if it collects a little random paint.  Hold the can about six inches away from the item, spray in a thin, even layer until the entire thing is covered with the first coat of paint.  This paint brand says to apply the second coat either within the hour or after 24.  So I went back out and finished with the second coat 45 minutes later.

Freshly Painted

Once that was done, all I had to do was let it dry for 24 hours before we could use our new oil rubbed bronze items in our bathroom!

Trash Can Sitting Pretty

Metal Container Sitting Pretty

I think I’m slightly addicted to this spray paint! There is no prep needed other than a clean surface, and it looks so GOOD! It may be the fumes, but I’m sort of disappointed our master bath is almost done and doesn’t need anything else painted 😉 Here is another project I did with the same spray paint:

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