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double date night: modern round review

Hey, hey! How was your week? We had a few things on the agenda, but I squeezed out every bit of relaxing I possibly could and you know what? Totally worked! I was feeling a little bit run down after our last few hectic weeks and needed the break… hence the lack of blogging. Sorry, guys! But now that it’s finally Friday, I thought I’d share our recent experience at Modern Round in Peoria, Arizona.

Modern Round Peoria Arizona Lounge paintedposies.comModern Round Peoria Arizona

A little while back, we did a double date with some friends of ours to a really neat virtual shooting restaurant/bar that opened up recently, cleverly named Modern Round. We had a great time! We began the night with dinner and drinks, ordering the Ultimate Cheese + Charcuterie Board to start. Honestly, I could have had just that for dinner! It was thoroughly stocked with cheeses, meats, dried and fresh fruits, sliced cucumbers, a few varieties of olives and crusty bread. SO GOOD.

Modern Round Peoria Arizona Cheeseboard

For dinner, I tried the Wild Mushroom Flatbread, which was technically a pizza, really. Delicious, though! There were a couple orders of the Filet Mignon, surprisingly served as a set of three sliders, and an order of the Maple Glazed Pork Belly Skewers. No one was terribly impressed with their order but didn’t have any complaints, either. I can’t speak for everyone else, aside from repeating that apparently the Filet Mignon was somewhat disappointing placed between slices of bun. As a side note: I think the pricing is really fair for such high-end ingredients, and probably affordable because of their creative presentation.

While we generally enjoyed our food and drinks, I do have to say that the service was incredibly slow and a bit disorganized during our visit – our only complaint. The manager came around to greet us and the friendliness and willingness to please by everyone involved made up for the long wait times and confusion from one point to the next. We did have to muster patience for the service but I think it’s because Modern Round was still so new at that point (they just opened at the end of June).

After dinner, we had time booked in one of the shooting lounges. To play with their guns, you  have to create a user login. After that was taken care of, we were escorted to our reserved area by an employee holding our gun case, very spy-movie style. Modern Round Peoria Arizona Gun Checkout paintedposies.comModern Round Peoria Arizona Gun Case Selection

One quick review of guns later, we were left to our own devices in the semi-private lounge area. Not gonna lie, it was very swank and cool!

Modern Round Shooting Lounge paintedposies.comModern Round Peoria Arizona Shooting Simulation

There are lots of simulation options, from realistic shooting experiences to target practice to fun skill games. We reserved an hour and it seriously flew by! While we were playing, servers came around to take drink orders and attempted to bring them to us in a timely manner *winkwink*.

The atmosphere of Modern Round is pretty rad. Velvet lined and dark wood furniture, moody lighting, shimmering chandeliers with metal menus and accessories made the experience so … cool! We talked about returning after all the hiccups were figured out and everyone agreed that we’d definitely recommend it.

Click here for their Yelp reviews (pretty highly rated – nice!) and here for their website. Modern Round is located at 8320 W Mariners Way, Peoria, AZ 85382 by the Peoria Sports Complex, so it’s an unexpected surprise in a totally happening area. If you check it out, let me know what you think! And in the meantime, I hope you lovelies have a great weekend!

Modern Round Peoria Arizona Baclony View

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