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my top 25 favorite Instagram feeds

Hey guys! How’d your weekend turn out? Ours went well, especially considering the giant hole in our house that use to be the kitchen. It’s going to take some time getting used to being under construction, but I’m certain it will all be well worth it. I’m excited for what will be our new entertaining hub! In preparation, I’ve been scouring Pinterest and pinning ideas to my Kitchen Remodel board. I think half the fun of planning a project is researching all the potentials. Materials, how-to’s, designer inspiration-I devour it all! How lucky are we that we can find whatever inspiration we need on social media at the touch of a fingertip?!? And, uh, speaking of social media… Are you on Instagram?

Like most of you, I am on Facebook, and of course I mentioned Pinterest. But my absolute favorite social media outlet of all is Instagram. Have you tried it? It’s seriously the best eye candy EVER! I can scroll through all the gorgeous images for hours. It’s terribly addictive, but in the most amazing way! My mom just joined (hey, Ma!) and I thought how fun it’s going to be for her and all the other new Instagrammers around the world to find new feeds to follow.

So I love when bloggers share their favorite Instagram accounts, because I always find at least one to fall in love with. With that in mind, I thought I’d share MY favorite Instagram feeds in case you’re looking for love, too.

Animals & Babies Instagram Feeds for my daily aww quota

Lilo the Husky Instagram

@lilothehusky So imagine you have a couple gorgeous husky pups and then you decide to foster an equally adorable kitten and they decide they’re long lost siblings. Features furkids Lilo, Infiniti and Rosie.

Meg Loeks Instagram

@meg_nlo  Meg Loeks shares the most stunning photos of her kids doing the most innocent, iconic childhood things using the most amazing lighting. There’s a lot of “the most” in that sentence, I know. You’ll get it once you check out her feed.

This Wild Idea Instagram

@thiswildidea is all about the travels of a fantastically mellow hound dog named Maddie. Fur Dad and photographer, Theron Humphrey, explores his native Tennessee and surrounding southern states (amongst others) and captures Maddie in surprisingly precarious and interesting poses.

Dog And His Boy Instagram

@dogandhisboy This page has all the feels. Rescue dog? check. Street art? check. Humor? check. Bernard Lima-Chavez rocks his feed, finding all sorts of street art to pose his gorgeous pup with – who happens to be a brilliant deaf dog! Colorful and fun, plus a great cause.

Mommas Gone City Instagram

@mommasgonecity Jessica Shyba has lots of snaps of her darling kids and their adorable pup, Theo, napping together. Be prepared, because your heart might actually melt.

Landscape Photography Instagram Feeds for my daily awe quota (see what I did there?)

Leanne Cole Photography Instagram

@leannecolephotography is the first photographer that I fell in love with when I started blogging. Leanne’s photos of her native Australia never cease to amaze me – especially her night shots with their contrasting colors that are so crisp and clear. She brings you into her world so effortlessly with her pictures, I’m always caught off guard when they show up on my Instafeed.

Tony Cross Instagram

@tonycross Have you ever been to Wyoming? Yeah, me either. This dude will have you adding rural WY to your bucket list (if it’s not on there already). His dreamy pictures of wide open spaces, clouds and wildlife are incredible.

Giulio Tolli Instagram

@giuliotolli Giulio Tolli is a photographer located in Pescara, Italy, who captures romantic images of both land and sea. His muted tones and soothing subjects leave me craving a vacation that requires another stamp in my passport.

Kim By The Sea Instagram

@kimbythesea Kim Bajorek from San Diego, California, captures a little piece of my heart every time she posts. I have long felt I’m a California girl and she constantly reminds me how much I love the west coast every time she posts a picture to her Intagram feed. Sunshine, sand, sunsets and shore. I heart her!

3rd Eye Photography Instagram Abhishek Reddy has a nature photography feed that captures deep colors in the kids and landscapes that he shoots. He is iPhone only, which is an inspiration to me considering his phenomenal skills (+ my Instagram feed is iPhone only!).

Kaja Krasovec Instagram

@kaja.krasovec is a new Instagram find for me. Kaja Slovenia captures landscapes AND flowers, so she’s a little tough to narrow down, but easy on the eyes for sure. Her photos are thoughtful, colorful and beautiful and I’m glad I found her.

Janske Instagram

@janske is a beautiful feed of landscapes, tablescapes, and all things naturally pretty. One of my first follows, Janske (I wish I knew WHO was behind all this beauty!) is my go-to “wish I could be that awesome.”

Architecture Photography Instagram Feeds for my type-A personality: lines and symmetry, OMG!

Jason M Peterson Instagram

@jasonmpeterson captures Chicago in such a beautiful way! Jason creates stunning images in black and white of my favorite city, often singling out the subject in stark contrast to their urban surroundings.

Ervin Raska Instagram

@ervin_raska Holy Mama. This dude. Close ups of lines in architecture, color, spaces, symmetry. Patterns galore. Everything I crave for order and art in one.

Floral Instagram Photography Feeds for my green thumb and detail side

Teresa Wilson Camelback Flower Shop

@camelbackflowershop is a local Phoenix feed, which fulfills all my happy tree-hugger and gardening feels. Teresa Wilson had such an eye – she creates a beautiful mood with her floral wares and Arizona landscapes. I love following her for ideas and inspiration in our garden.

Magda Bodnar Instagram

@magdabognar Magda Bognar captures beautiful flower/art scenes that trigger my Alice in Wonderland tendencies. She shares dreamy, colorful nature shots that trigger my imagination.

Lifestyle Photography Feeds to fulfill my Martha Stewart tendencies

Valentina SolfriniInstagram

@valentinahortus is  vegan chef/photographer who shares beautiful food photos that explore the  darker Renaissance style. Her recipes look even more delicious highlighted against her signature dark background.

Local Milk Instagram

@local_milk posts dark and moody food tablescapes to die for.   Elizabeth Kirby is behind one of my favorite feeds, whose photos have brightened a bit since the birth of her daughter. I love her lighter tone as much as her dark, and her newborn sweetheart is SO beautiful!

Petite Violette Instagram

@petiteviolettemalmo is an online shop and Instagram feed for vintage, handmade and the pretty life. Muted and sweet, it reminds me of a time that existed a long time ago. I want all of their pictures, all of their inventory, all of their everything!

Benita Larsson Instagram

@benitalarsson Benita Larsson is from Sweden, and her blog is one of the first I ever followed when I wandered into the blogging world. She has since stopped updating the world on her life, but keeps up with her Instagram account. Her beautiful, minimalist home and photos are so soothing and inspiring!

Patterns and Pretty Photography Instagram Feeds to spur my inspiration

Undimensional Instagram

@undimensional is colorful and minimalist, in such an inspirational way! I love his (?) eye for angles, lines and patterns. This is a new/maybe forgotten feed, with fewer posts than my other follows, but I can’t wait to see what happens!

RunnerKimHall Instagram

@runnerkimhall “If you are a dreamer, come in.” Says it all. Such a playful, colorful feed! I love the patterns, the playfulness, and especially all the hearts – I heart @runnerkimhall!

5ftinf Philippa Stanton Instagram

@5ftinf Philippa Stanton has patterns, color, scenes, still lifes, and FUN. I think I <3 all of her posts, because she has the coolest. Researching this post, I clicked on the Instagram links, and fell in love. I’ll be exploring her stuff a whole lot more now, and I hope you do, too!

Random Instagram Feeds that make me smile

ihcalligraphy Instagram

@ihcalligraphy is just gorgeous. Laura Hooper has a calligraphy business that caters to weddings, but also does how-to’s and her website is pretty bad ass, too. I mean, I know I have a soft spot for calligraphy, but isn’t her stuff just fantastic?

I Love Lucy Instagram

@ilovelucyscenes I love Lucy. Don’t you? The amazing person behind this Instagram feed makes me happy on a daily basis with their posts of my favorite and forgotten I Love Lucy scenes. I think if you love Lucy, you’ll agree. Long live I Love Lucy!

And there you have it! My top 25 favorite Instagram feeds. What do you think? Find any keepers in there? Be sure and let me know, and please share your favorites so I can check them out!

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