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ocean beach has my heart

Hello, Gorgeous! How’d your week treat you? It’s been so super humid here, and hot, and my sinuses aren’t having any of it.  Oh, and I’m pretty sure my heart is broken.  It is so madly in love with Ocean Beach, there’s no consoling my torn up little heart right now.  Of course I’m being dramatic, but let’s just show you EXHIBIT A, shall we?

Ocean Beach Sunset Day One


And then of course, there’s EXHIBIT B, and seriously?:

Ocean Beach Sunset Day Two

Freaking EXHIBIT B.  And then EXHIBIT C:

Ocean Beach Sunset Day Three

Mind you, I’m a pretty loose lover of sunsets, I’ll admit it.  No shame here.  And Arizona has some awe inspiring sunsets of it’s own, truly.  Lest you think that is the only part of Ocean Beach tugging at my heart strings, here is EXHIBIT D:

Ocean Beach Beach House 2014

Cutest.Beach.House.EVER.  In my heart, it belongs to me, and in my imagination, I stuff it full of “welcome to our beach house” signs, pretty collections of shells and sea glass, lovely little succulents in cute little dishes, with a hammock and a built-in bar on the back deck.  In my heart’s beach house, there is a fan in every window, the front porch has comfortable chairs with pillows and throw blankets, and a beat-up surfboard is hanging somewhere inside with a couple more piled up out back.  My beach house has local art draping it’s walls, sandy towels hanging to dry on the deck rail, friends relaxing about eating all my BBQ goodies, and coolers filled with ice and cold drinks.  Damn beach house is going to make me cry. And if that wasn’t enough, EXHIBIT E:

Ocean Beach Fireworks 2014

Ocean Beach Fireworks 2014

Ocean Beach Fireworks 2014

Ocean Beach Fireworks 2014

I think I mentioned that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, right? In this post right here. This year’s fireworks show wasn’t as good as last year’s, but it was still better than any I’ve ever seen in Phoenix.  **side note: I’m pretty awful at taking firework shots with my swanky camera considering that out of at least 50, these were the only visually edible ones** That probably doesn’t help my adoration of this place, huh?  OH! And if you follow me on Pinterest, you know straight up how much I want a puppy (and if you’re like my friend, Brandy, you’re pretty sick of hearing about it, too-but seriously, girl, how could you NOT like that board?? Is your heart made of stone??).  Before I get carried away with all that, here is EXHIBIT F:

Ocean Beach Dog 2014

Ocean Beach Dog 2014

Ocean Beach Dog 2014

Ocean Beach Dog 2014

THERE ARE PUPPIES EVERYWHERE IN OCEAN BEACH!!! Torture.  Straight up torture to look at these pictures right now.  It’s currently 100 degrees here, with 22% humidity (the other morning, it was up to 58%) and I’m pretty sure between the dust, heat and dew point, Phoenix is trying to kill me.  There is no ocean here, no puppy in my front yard, and the sky is filled with all sorts of nasty instead of fireworks.  I seriously need to focus on my happy place…

Ocean Beach 2014 Mallow Out  Sign

Ocean Beach Cliff 2014

Ocean Beach Joe and Amy 2014

Please know that I’m being mostly sarcastic.  Yes, Ocean Beach has my heart, but Phoenix will be awesome again in a few months.  And who knows? There’s always one day… Stay tuned for a couple more posts coming soon on the epic antiquing in Ocean Beach (click here!) and OB through the eyes of a seven-year-old.  In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend and are enjoying your happy place, wherever that may be.

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  • Dylan

    Great photos of the fireworks! I imagine how difficult those were to capture. I’m in love with the cabin you and Joe stayed in from the couple photos I saw of it! One day I want to stay there (with somebody special, other than Daphne). Speaking of Daphne and dogs in general, she adores the beach now and has no problem letting the waves get her wet! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Thanks, Dylan! I think you would love it there, too 🙂 Daphne is getting so brave, that’s got to be nice being able to walk with her along the shore. OH! Ocean Beach has a dog beach, too 🙂ReplyCancel

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