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oh, hey, december… where did you come from?

Hey there! So, is it just me, or did this December sort of do a ninja style sneak up on us? I have no idea where this year went, let alone November! I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing next December, and let’s be real, I’ll be saying it come January about this December, too… I know you are probably thinking that I didn’t manage to slow down much last month, like I promised myself I would.  But honestly, I did take it down a notch, I swear!! December, though? There’s no pretending I won’t be busy! Here’s what’s shakin’ this month, just so I can wrap my head around it and have something to look back at when it stops spinning next month.

  1. Christmas shopping and wrapping presents
  2. Grace’s 10th birthday party and Jacelyn’s first
  3. GIRLS NIGHT!! (and a wine night!!)
  4. Joe’s company Christmas party
  5. Assembling homemade Christmas presents
  6. Housewarming party for my brother-and-sister-in-law
  7. Prepping for our Christmas Eve Open House
  8. Baking!
  9. Training for a system change at work
  10. Christmas Day!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things… With all of this going on, I’m also hoping to sneak in a few quiet nights at home to sit with a hot cup of tea and stare at the twinkling lights on our Christmas tree.  Fingers crossed anyway! What are your plans for the month? Do you have holiday traditions you’re looking forward to or currently enjoying? I’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, here is a recap of what went down around the blog in November:

Cheers to a fantastic December!

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