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our wedding anniversary

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Seven years ago today, I married my best friend.  Yep, it’s sappy.  But it’s true.  This man. Oy. He drives me nuts, overwhelms me with happiness, and makes me a better person every day.  Mostly, he just drives me nuts.  haha

Since we married seven years ago, we bought our first home, walked through the door after it was robbed, been through a few job shifts and scares, celebrated birthdays, holidays, and new family members.  We’ve met some great people and lost some, too. We’ve laughed, cried, argued, screamed, offended, apologized, pushed, pulled or gave a little every singe day for the last seven years. And because of this, we’ve attended other couple’s weddings and held hands tighter through the ceremony.  We waited eight years to get married, and while nothing really changed when we said “I Do,” everything did.  There is no turning back now, and even though there have been moments I want to run screaming or that he wants to strangle me, we know that this is it.  And nothing that we do is more comforting, frustrating, harder or more worth it than our marriage. Happy Anniversary to my husband, Joe!

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Now back to our regularly scheduled programming! Thanks for taking the time to read my sap-fest!

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