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planning an easy, fun and festive Fall Party

Hey there! How’s everything going? It’s been a whirlwind of fun, chaos, planning and stress around here. Our kitchen renovation is coming to a close, with some last minute things being buttoned up this coming week. That’s the plan at least… The last part of the renovation process has proven the most stressful for me, and I’ve not felt very creative AT ALL. My studio is a freaking mess, our social calendar is stuffed full through ’til Christmas, we have a Pumpkin Party to plan and we are going camping this coming weekend. But I spent some time framing new art we ordered prior to the construction, and it got me excited about the fun part of the renovation process: decorating our beautiful new space! Which inspired me to write some things for the blog. And here you have it – planning an easy, fun and festive Fall Party!

planning an easy, fun and festive fall party

We didn’t get to host our annual Fall party last year because I took a trip with my sister to Europe instead. Priorities, right? So we are super stoked about having our friends and family over to celebrate not just Fall, but also the completion of our new space. I feel a little rusty, so I thought it would be fun to review some of our past events and ideas to get me going. I mean, there are only a few weeks left until the big day, I better get my ass in gear already!

planning an easy, fun and festive fall party

Step one: PLAN

Before life got so crazy busy, I would plan our pumpkin party at least six months out using this planning tool. Now, I’m lucky I’ve got so many years of party planning under my belt, because I have zero time to dream so far in advance. These days, I don’t need a planning tool as much as a notebook and a clear idea of the supplies I already have on hand.  If you’re just getting the hang of entertaining, I highly suggest using some sort of organizational tool to make the process easier! Oh, and here is a link to some basic party planning rules.

Step two: IDEAS

Once you get an idea of what you want, checking out Pinterest or clicking on of the following links will help you clarify your goals. Planning a fun fall party is so easy these days with the internet so close at hand. Here are some of my past links for quick ideas:

for costumes, pumpkin carving ideas and decor

for food stations, decorations and games (this one and this one, too)

Step three: EXECUTE

So you found some ideas, or need more. Here are some how-to’s to make your life easier:

Create your own Bloody Mary Bar

Chili Bar how-to

Popcorn Bar set-up 

How to set up a Pumpkin Carving Station

Don’t want the mess of carving a jack-o-lantern? Check this post and this post out for no-cut options.


When everything is said and done, make sure to take pictures for future reference! I learn so much from each party to the next: what to do, what didn’t work, what I liked and what I hated. How to make things easier next time, etc. I always make notes and look back to make sure we aren’t wasting valuable time the next go around.

Pumpkin Party 2013

Pumpkin Party 2014

I hope these ideas and tips help with planning your next Fall party! So now it’s your turn – I’m looking for fun, new and easy ideas for this year’s Pumpkin Party. What’cha got??

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