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pumpkin party 2014: planning

Hello, hello! Uhm, where did September come from? I am usually all over the Pumpkin Party planning, at least six months out – remember last year’s posts? (here, here, here, here and here) This year, though? Haha, yeah.  Snuck up on me like a ninja warrior.  I can say that I do have a vague plan in my head, so that’s something, right? Last year, we did a Bloody Mary Bar, and it was such a hit that I considered doing it again this year.  Check her out (click the picture for the how-to):

Bloody Mary Bar

Buuut, we got a popcorn machine for Christmas, and I really wanted to do a Popcorn Bar instead, so then I got to thinking about how cool it would be to set up a TV and blankets outside to watch Halloween movies out back (G-rated for the kid’s time, and scary for later) and I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen.  Probably need a signature cocktail then, right? After that thought, I started thinking about whether we should do the Candy Station again, because even though it was a big hit, I’m nervous about Jones getting into all the kid’s candy bags this year.  Speaking of which, any tips for hosting big parties with new puppies? I can use them!

Sweets Table

What I am not giving up is the Chili Bar, because that’s just a given for our annual Pumpkin Party and I don’t want to enrage the masses 😉

Chili Bar

So, it’s looking like a Popcorn Bar, Chili Bar, and probably a signature drink and snack station… Food? Check.  Drinks? Check. Just need kids activities, decorations and a snack food list.  Easy enough, right? Here are some of the kids activities I have in mind this year (click the pictures for the links, these come from my Pumpkin Party Pinterest Board:



**my apologies if the owners of these pictures don’t want me to share them, just let me know and they will be removed immediately!!**

Next up: decorations.  I save all of our decorations each year to the next.  I have been considering adding felt pumpkins, new fun garland, a cool photo backdrop and some new serving dishes to the rotation though.  Here are a few of the decorations from Pumpkin Parties past:

Creating A Cloth Pumpkin

Decorating A Fall Mantel

Creating Fall Curb Appeal

Finally, munchies.  I always do 7-layer dip cups because they are a hit, cheese puffs (because, duh), a cheese platter, and then… stalled.  I’ll figure it out though.  Do you have an annual Halloween party? What’s yours like-scary or fall festive? Do share!

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