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just a quickie: quick and easy valentine’s day wreath

Woo-hoo! We made it – another Friday! Pat yourselves on the back, life’s tough out there! Guess what? I made a thing! And I wanna show it off! Some major time has passed since I’ve crafted and I’ve been itching to get creative on the quick. Naturally, I stopped at the craft store yesterday on the way home from work and wandered aimlessly until I found a few inexpensive supplies to make us a little sumpin sumpin.

I have a whole stock of cast-off craft supplies at home, so it didn’t take much money at all to pull this quick and easy Valentine’s Day wreath together. Less than TEN BUCKS. <pause for the cheers> Plus, if I work my motivation right, I can repurpose this wreath base every season. BOOM! I know, I know, hold your applause – big stuff in today’s world. 😛

Quick and Easy Valentines Day WreathQuick and Easy Valentines Day Wreath

quick and easy Valentines day wreath

Do you want to know exactly what I mean by “quick and easy”? Well, you just hold onto your hats there, brothers and sisters!


First, Get yourself a grapevine wreath, silk flowers and the little chalkboard clothespin sign from the craft store. Gather some cute ribbon (mine was lace), card stock, a couple of wood letter pieces for the “x” and the “o” along with a silver marker and hot glue gun from your stash. Obviously, scissors, a pen and thin wire were involved (if you’re a crafter, you know these things – and if you’re not, well, welcome to the wild world of throwing junk together, my friends!).

Quick and Easy Valentines Day Wreath


Next step: print out the word “Love” from a quick Google search and trace it to translucent paper stock, cut that out and trace around that on the purple card stock. After cutting the purple “Love” out, hot glue a few sticking points together (bwahaha – get it?) to marry them and set that bit aside.

Moving on, place the flowers and wire them to the backside of the wreath before gluing the “x” and “o” to the chalkboard clothespin and writing “welcome” on it with a Sharpie or piece of chalk. Once that’s settled, arrange the flowers where you like them, pushing the stems through the front of the wreath and securing them to the back with the wire. Next, secure the “welcome” sign where you see fit with the attached clothespin. Finally, glue the paper “Love” portion to the wreath and tie the lace ribbon atop to attach to the door. And DONE!

Quick and Easy Valentines Day Wreath

This super quick and easy Valentine’s Wreath is nothing precious, and I anticipate changing out the theme will be easy enough in the future, providing I (we?) find the ambition! Ha!

So there you have it: a quick and easy Valentine’s Day wreath to celebrate the season of love <3 Definitely let me know if you have questions and absolutely ignore how dirty my security screen is!

Quick and Easy Valentine

Oh, and by the way – as they say, sharing is caring! Please bestow this quick and easy Valentine’s Day wreath upon all your friends. For quick, inexpensive valentines, click here. And yes, if you noticed a theme it’s because I do love me some wreaths (here, here and here and yes, here, if you’re interested).

xoxo, amy

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