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springtime in the desert

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I had such a lovely time! The weather was incredible.  Not to rub it in for those of you suffering through the winter still, I’m really sorry about that.  But I spent almost the entire weekend outside, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the blue skies and the blooming flowers and trees.  Today was especially awesome – Jones and I took a long walk through the wash by our house, coffee in hand and him off-leash sniffing everything he could get his nose on.  Do you have washes where you live? Here, they’re places in the desert where water would flow if there were enough of it to do so.  They are usually full of desert plant life and critters.  Right now, the desert is green from the winter rains, and it’s filled with the amazing smell of mesquite flowers, creosote bushes and nearby orange blossoms.

Desert Wash in Phoenix, Arizona Spring

Cattle Dog, Phoenix, Desert Path

Desert Wash Phoenix, Arizona, Mesquite Trees

Desert Wash Path Phoenix Arizona Springtime

Once we got back, we worked in the garden harvesting lettuce, peas and bell peppers.  I’ll do a proper garden post soon, but these caught my eye today:

Salad Planter Desert Container Gardening

Snap Pea Blossoms Desert Cinder Block Raised Bed Gardening

Snap Pea Plants Phoenix Cinder Block Raised Bed  Gardening

Don Juan Climbing Roses Lattice Training Phoenix

Jones has such a blast chasing the water from the hose, eating the weeds and following me around wherever I go.  Just having company outside sort of does it for him, I think 🙂 He got a bath today, and a nice, clean bed.  I spoiled him with a stuffed chew toy too, which he promptly destroyed in less than an hour.  Lucky dog.

It occurred to me that today couldn’t have been possible without running water.  I mean, watering the garden, washing the dog, cleaning the lettuce harvest, soaking the dog’s bed, getting my car washed, showering.  It made me grateful, and I couldn’t stop going back to it.  Do you do that? Or am I overly sentimental? I like being appreciative for my blessings though, so it’s kind of whatever…

I spent yesterday having a fun breakfast with that husband guy, catching up with a great friend over lunch before geeking out at Restoration Hardware (are they all as nice as the one here? Holy hell!) taking naps and crafting with my sister.  Honestly! It was like a couple pages out of my favorite book.  And this guy again:

Cattle Dog mix, Jones, Sleeping Puppy

I hope you enjoyed your day today, and that you found some beauty in it! Cheers to the weekend!

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