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taking stock

Taking Stock photo by Cathryn Lavery  paintedposies

I recently stumbled upon a blog post on Meet Me At Mikes called “Taking Stock.” It inspired me to create my own list to take stock of what’s going on with me and around here. The idea is to list everything happening in your life so you can re-focus and be creative – at least, that’s what I took from it! I liked the idea of taking stock of what I’m thinking, planning and doing and thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t complete every entry in the original list, so I narrowed it down to the following.

taking stock november 2016

Making: a dent in the clean-up process from our kitchen renovation. We got into the habit of throwing things in the spare rooms and garage for the month and a half we were under construction, and now it’s time to find the floor space again!

Cooking: all the things! I’ve been making some great salads lately, and there’s a shrimp one I’ll be sharing soon that has become pretty popular with our niece and nephew.

Drinking: sparkling juice and water in an effort to cut back on our alcohol intake – it’s working!

Reading: lots of blogs, lots of media and lots of BS. I need a good book – any recommendations?

Trawling: Pinterest, again. I took a long break and now it seems fresh all over again…

Wanting: furniture for our living room. We sold our sectional during the kitchen update, and now we are seriously lacking seating options…

Looking: at fresh wreath options for our front door and for gifts. I like these

Deciding: on food, games, and decorations for our Christmas Party this year.

Wishing: I could afford the camera I want … I know I’m not quite ready to upgrade, but I’ll be there before my budget will… wha wha!

Enjoying: the angle of the sun, the cool air and the scent of wood burning in the mornings right now. Fall arrives late and isn’t a long-lived season in Phoenix, but it is one of my favorites!

Waiting: for the political frenzy and hate to end and for everyone to unite for the changes we all want and need from this country.

Liking: the Blogging Your Way course I’m currently taking (aptly named “INSPIRE ME”)

Wondering: if I really, actually, truly, honestly have the time and/or energy for a winter garden… or if I should just supplement the soil this season and go crazy in the spring?

Loving: our home. It’s slowly coming together and becoming the space I always imagined it would be.

Listening: to podcasts during my commute now. It’s been incredibly motivating and eye-opening.

Buying: Christmas presents for our nieces and nephews. My sister is already almost done with her family of EIGHT and I haven’t even started!

Watching: How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I never followed the series, and figured I’d binge watch it until there are no episodes left. Now, the dog is trained to go outside when the opening/closing music comes on and I’m just dying to know how he met their damn mother already. There are a LOT of episodes in the MANY seasons of this show.

Hoping: for the best. Always.

Needing: more time. Or more NO’s. Or more coffee. I can’t decide…

Questioning: everything. All the time. Duh.

Smelling: all the seasonal candles everywhere! I need to go through my candle cabinet (yes, that was not a typo) and dig out my favorites!

Wearing: leggings and boots – my new cool weather wardrobe!

Following: more and more blogs on Bloglovin. I’m late to the party, but it’s kind of neat to get all my reading in one place.

Thinking: about everything. All.The.Time.

Admiring: the many personalities and hearts that I surround myself with. Such good people on my Friends list, I tell ya!

Getting: excited for our annual Thanksgiving weekend camping trip – that coincides with the birth of our newest niece! We’re coming home early to welcome little Joy!

Giggling: have you seen Sausage Party??!? It’s ridiculously silly, vulgar and funny. All the best things!

Feeling: hopeful. And slowly, more inspired to write.

Celebrating: the holiday season! I’m looking forward to all the cooking, visiting and loving that happens this time of year!

Pretending: not to be annoyed by all the “news” headlines.

Embracing: change and optimism!

So, what’s your Taking Stock list look like? Are you as busy as we are? What are you looking forward to/planning/doing? I’d love to know!

Photo by Cathryn Lavery from Unsplash.

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