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training for the phoenix summit challenge

The Desert in BloomOver the weekend a dear friend and I started our training for the Phoenix Summit Challenge 2013.  She made the mistake of asking me to read the Arizona Bucket List in a recent issue of Phoenix Magazine, where I found this challenge and convinced her it would be a great idea.  I love to hike, and she’d been talking about hiking more, so I thought: Why not? At any rate, we chose one of the mountain trails on last year’s Challenge to start our training based on how short the hike is.  We thought a 2.5 mile hike was doable and a nice way to ease into our training.  HA! We couldn’t be more wrong.  Unfortunately, we neglected to research this hike, and so we missed the fact that it was over a 1,100 mile elevation change.  In less than a mile and a half since the trail was a go-to-the-top-turn-around-and-come-back kind of trail.  Just in case it doesn’t come together for you (since it didn’t for us!) that means this was a reaaaaaallly steep hike.  So, while she cursed me the whole way there and back, I tuned her out and tried to enjoy the scenery while also trying not to have a heart attack.  Here are some pictures from the day!

(To see my friend’s hysterical version of the hike, check out her blog post:

Piestewa Peak Summit

A View of The City


Stairs to the Finish

Life in the Desert

A Lizard

She Wants to Kill ME!

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