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Veg head: fresh pesto recipe

Veg Head: Fresh Pesto

One of the things I can count on to grow out of control in the garden every summer without fail is basil. I made the mistake of growing two varieties last year and couldn’t keep up with them! Everything else is croaking right now, but our sweet basil plant is beautiful. One of our favorite recipes for it is fresh pesto, and I’m proud to say my husband prefers my recipe to any other he’s tried (so far!). Plus, when I make it, our kitchen smells SO good!

2 Cups packed basil
1/4 Cup walnuts
1/4 Cup parmesan
3TBS extra virgin olive oil
2TBS water
1 large garlic clove
1 tsp each salt and pepper

Pesto Ingredients

Here’s the plan
Combine ingredients in food processor until blended to desired consistency. Makes 1/2 Cup. Multiply the recipe and freeze remainder if you like. This pesto freezes really well!

Fresh Pesto

Try it on veggies, pasta, meat, fish, as a dip for bread or bruschetta, or come up with something new and be sure to share! I hope you like this pesto as much as we do!

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