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wandering eye wednesday: week fifty-one and two

Hey buddy! How’s your holiday season turning out? Any good parties? Presents? We’ve had a lot of fun around here with Christmas, and now New Years coming up.  I’ve really let myself get absorbed in it, and I hope you’ll pardon me for being MIA.  I’ve thought about you guys though, and I’m working on upgrading and organizing things around the blog to make it prettier and easier to navigate in 2015.  I’ve got lots of ideas and some posts planned, so I won’t be such a stranger in the weeks to come! Pinky swear 🙂

In the meantime, here are the last two Wandering Eye Wednesday posts for the year.  I missed last week, as those of you following along probably noticed.  For the first photo, I cropped, sharpened and highlighted the subject:

Wandering Eye Wednesday Feather

For the second picture, I dug deep into my photo library.  I captured the shot on a road trip to Laughlin in 2011 with a point-and-shoot digital camera while in a moving car.  Which explains the fantastic blur and lighting.  Mad skills, right? I cropped this baby too, sharpened the cactus, and called her done.  It’s not a professional shot, but it’s the epitome of what this weekly segment is all about.

Wandering Eye Wednesday Ray of Light on Cactus

I hope you have a safe and fun New Years Eve, and that I see you around here in 2015! Happy New Year!!

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