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wandering eye wednesday: week five/2

What day is it?!? HA! I won’t even say it, and probably don’t need to.  How’s your week turning out? I’ve been shoving my face full of a ton of sugar thanks to the Girl Scouts, I took a hot yoga class and almost freaking died, I felt like it was Thursday all day today and I’m looking forward to Valentines Day and family this weekend.  That pretty much sums up the basics of my week so far.  OH! And the weather.  The dang weather.  It’s pretty fantastic, I can’t even lie.  I feel like it’s probably not a good thing, because it’s giving me spring fever already, and seriously? It’s FEBRUARY.  Which is probably what you’re thinking and you likely want to pelt me with a steady stream of snowballs now.  So moving right along…

Wandering Eye Wednesday Light Mogollon Rim November 2014

BOOM! I’ve decided to start entering my photography into some forums, and this is my first submission, for “Light” on the Jackie Jean Photography’s Facebook Page.  Some of the images on there are unreal.  But I need to progress, you know? And I figure, why the hell not? All I did to this photo was darken the highlights a bit in Photoshop Elements.  I was going to crop it, but I like it the way it is…

Until next time, fabulous people!

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