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wandering eye wednesday: week forty-eight/2

Wandering Eye Wednesday Phoenix Sunset

Hey guys, how’s the week starting out for you? I am totally sucking hard at this weekly post in 2015. But I have hope, and every intention, of making 2016 timely and wonderful.  Do you get the end-of-year intentions like I do? Like, this coming year is going to be amazing! Every year, I feel like that.

Here is last week’s post, an iPhone pic: color & exposure adjusted and cropped.  We recently upgraded phones and had to dump everything on the computer to save it.  So I’m discovering pictures I took and totally forgot about. We get some amazing sunsets in Phoenix. I’ve been lots of places – and nothing compares to a Phoenix sunset.  Maybe it’s the dust here?

Whatever it is, I think a sunset shot is perfect for saying goodbye to the past year. What do you think? I say, cheers to the last weeks of the 2015 😉

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