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wandering eye wednesday: week forty-four/2

So… last Wednesday came.  And went.  And then this Wednesday snuck up on me and isn’t that just the way this time of year goes? Or is it just me? Since no one was messaging me wondering where my post was last week, I’m assuming you’re as busy as I am.

I went to a kiddo’s soccer game recently to practice with the new zoom lens.  It worked much better from the sidelines of a soccer game than it did in Europe! Here is one of the outtakes:

Wandering Eye Wednesday

Little ones playing sports are SO CUTE! I cropped and color adjusted this photo, and that’s it.  I’m excited about the range of this new lens!

I hope all is well where you are! I’ll be posting this week’s photo tomorrow, in case you’re keeping track! wink/wink

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