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wandering eye wednesday: week forty-nine

Holy EFF.  Seriously, you guys.  It has been something else these last few days.  Joe got hurt, and while I’m sure it will be fine eventually, it’s been a rough ride and will be a tough road to recovery and hot damn am I tired!  Thank goodness for the help and support we’ve received from some really awesome people.  Luckily, I edited and uploaded this photo before all that nonsense, and so I can actually take a few minutes and share it with you while pretending that our life is not wrapped in total chaos with a big satin bow.

I cropped this photo, sharpened it and applied the “Dusk” filter at a low percentage to make it less yellow and more brownish.  I love his little head wrinkles!!

Wandering Eye Wednesday Cattle Dog Pit Bull Mix Fireside

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PS. Big shout out to our niece, Grace, for her 11th birthday today 🙂 Happy birthday, sweet girl! Uncle Joe and I love you!! xoxox

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