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wandering eye wednesday: week forty-three/2

Wandering Eye Wednesday

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday… It’s been sneaking up on me! I have so much I want to blog and yet, every week, it’s just this Wednesday post.  I also realized recently that you can’t Pin images from my page.  So.  Until I get my sh*t together, here is a shot from the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam.  It’s a fantastic stop if you go – we breezed through it, but I’d definitely recommend spending at least a few hours exploring the place.  The exhibits are great, they’ve done a nice job of making it fun and exciting and cool.  This is a wall of bottles, but that’s obvious – sorry!  I loved the color and the light/shadows and snapped this as we were practically running through.  We were in a hurry to get to our canal cruise after an amazing lunch that lingered longer than we anticipated.

I look through these pictures now and can hardly believe I was actually there.  It was such an overwhelming experience, I thought I might hold onto the memories a little longer.  I’m incredibly grateful I took so many photos and journaled so much during our visit.  I think that’s the whole point of photographs, though, right? To remind you of where you’ve come from, where you’ve been and even sometimes, where you intend to be.

I cropped this and adjusted the exposure slightly, to make it darker and really pop the highlights on the right side.

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