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wandering eye wednesday: week eight/2

Wandering Eye Wednesday Peacock Feather and Cloudy Skies

Welcome to Wednesday night, how’d the first half of your week go? I started out sick, and worked my way to well, so there’s that.

We took our niece to the Renaissance Festival over the weekend (probably only adding fuel to the virus that attacked me) and I gave her the point-and-shoot to take her own photos.  The camera, quite simply put, sucks.  It just does.  I’ve never liked it, since it has a tendency to take blurry pictures and drive me mad.  Because of that, there weren’t many of her shots that escaped deletion, but this one made the cut.

She bought a peacock feather for her sister, and then took pictures of it against different backdrops (which would have been a great series, had she the skill and better camera to accomplish it).  This is the only one that turned out.  I’m playing with Photoshop Elements to familiarize myself with it more, and so I adjusted the cloudy background, adding some color and then saturating the whole picture to bring out the magenta of the feather.  I sharpened the top of the feather, cropped it all and wondered about it.  Do I like it? Is it silly? I don’t know… but I keep looking at it, so it must be appealing, right?

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