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wandering eye wednesday: week thirteen/3

Jones Two Years Wandering Eye Wednesday

Oh Jonesie… You slay me with those eyes and your jowls hanging out on the floor! Mr. Mr. is two now, pretty sure. Being a rescue, it’s hard to tell. We celebrate his adoption/homecoming date instead, which is in July. But he’s essentially a teenager in dog years, so there’s that. He learned he can howl the other day, obviously that was pretty cute/will get annoying soon! Anyway, I took this with the iPhone and doctored it up in PSE. Here’s the original, so you can see what I did:

Original Jones Two Years Wandering Eye Wednesday

Other than the obvious changes, I erased some little bits that annoyed me – a chord, the dirty floor – never mind those! And also straightened it a bit, because I apparently lean…

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