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wandering eye wednesday: week thirty-eight

Happy Autumn! It’s still in the triple digit temperatures here, so we’ve got a ways to go.  But at least there’s hope now! Do you remember when I told you we went to Rustlers Roost for Joe’s company banquet? There were so many photo opportunities there, and all I had was an iPhone! I did catch a few good shots, and I’m thinking about doing a post with the rest of them soon.  Although, I’m debating on waiting until we bring the good camera to do the post, because it’s such a cool place that I want to do it justice.  Guess we better hurry up and go again then, right? In the meantime, here is this picture:

Mexican Ladder Rustlers Roost

I edited it for exposure, but otherwise, this is how the iPhone shot the scene.  Pretty, huh?

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