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wandering eye wednesday: week thirty-seven/2

Wandering Eye Wednesday South Bank England

Dudes and Dudettes! HA! Just made myself feel really old and lame. But I giggled anyway, so hey, at least there’s that… I’m really beginning to miss the time I spent in England a couple weeks ago, and I’m buried in over 800 pictures to sort/edit/organize and share so it’s only making my yearning that much more intense.  One thing about being snap happy, all the little bits, those that I wouldn’t share because no one would get the point, those are the seconds that I’ve already forgotten.  And then I see the shot and remember the moment, the smell of the air, the sounds around me, the feeling I had at that very time in my life and I am transported back to vacation and it’s truly delicious.  But simultaneously filled with sadness because I’m no longer actually on vacation.  Plus, there’s just something about London for me…

ANYWAY.  Enough of all the rambling, right? I apparently stand crooked, and so many of my photos are just slightly off.  I straightened this the best I could without losing some of the image I liked, lightened it up a bit (why is England so wonderfully moody?), took out some of the cranes in the background (also, England is growing fast!) and adjusted slightly for color.  I love the old Big Ben and the new London Eye right next to each other in the shot, and I think that describes perfectly what I adore most about London: the old and new, mingling with one another, both equally beautiful and respecting each other.  It’s just, it’s so, it’s just so beautiful and peaceful and I miss it so much!! (pretend you can hear me whining, because I’m totally whining in my head as I type that! HA!)


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