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wandering eye wednesday: week thirty-four/2

Happy day to you, my friend! How is your week treating you? I’m getting ready for traveling, trying to stay focused on work and life’s here-and-now, and I got a new lens that I’ve been pining for that I’m super excited to play with! Here’s one of the first pictures I took:

Wandering Eye Wednesday Cattle Dog Mix

Those of you who know me well are probably tired of Jones pictures, since it was National Dog Day recently and I think I may have gone a little overboard.  Well, that, and I probably share this dude a little too much.  I’m like the new mom who can’t get enough of their kid, except that I know I’m obnoxious about it and don’t necessarily care.  Do you even know how many pregnancies and births and babies I’ve oohed and aaahed over? You can’t possibly, but it’s a lot.  So I’m going to claim the last year and the next who-knows-how-long to fawn over my fur kid.  MmmmKay? Seriously, though, I’m sorry if it’s annoying.  It’s just, he’s an easy muse considering he’s what I have.  And I’m gonna miss this turd when I leave for two weeks, and come ON now.  He’s pretty damn cute.

Anywho.  I adjusted the exposure a tad, got rid of some eye boogers and a zit on his nose (did you know dogs get zits? wth?). But this lens freaking rocks it, so there wasn’t much else to do…

What are you obsessing over lately? Tell me! I’d love to hear from you!


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