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wandering eye wednesday: week three/3

Desert Wash Phoenix Wandering Eye Wednesday

So I think I’ve talked about Snapseed, right? It’s a photo editing app for your mobile device, and I FREAKING LOVE IT.  I don’t remember what all I did for editing on this picture, because you just choose the “Tune Image” icon, and then swipe your finger up and down and select what you want to adjust, left or right until you get the perfect exposure/color/everything.  Swipe, swipe, pretty.  They have cool filters, and lots of other Photoshop worthy editing features.  They should pay me for this kind of gushing, I swear.

This is a rando plant in the desert wash by our house.  I took Jones for a walk last week right at sunset, and if I’d been thinking straight, I’d have brought my legit camera instead of just snapping shots with the dang iPhone.  Does anyone else get aggravated with the quality of their camera on iPhone? I see other people’s phone snaps of the same thing I’m shooting and seriously want to steal their device.  I love my phone, but there are so many better phone cameras out there…

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