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wandering eye wednesday: week twenty-nine/2

Skydive Arizona Eloy

Hey there! How’s the week treating you? Hope all is well in your world! Life is chugging along great ’round here.

A couple weeks back, our friends from Lake Havasu came down so their daughter could experience her first skydive.  It was sort of a trip to be back at the drop zone, since we hadn’t been in years.  When Joe and I first met, we’d go every weekend so he could jump.  I’d hang out with all the other skydivers waiting to load the next plane, talking about everything and anything, watching the sky, listening for parachutes to deploy, marveling at all of the dots in the sky turning into people who would swoop and land right before my eyes.  It’s really a magical experience, for both the jumper and the spectator.  The energy at a drop zone is like nothing else, and being back for the morning to witness a young girl’s first skydive was something I felt lucky to be a part of.

This photo is of a few skydivers landing, and while it’s not the best skydiving picture in the world, it brings a smile to my face remembering the magic of that day.  I adjusted the exposure to brighten the picture, sharpened it just a tad and cropped it.  If only I’d had a telephoto lens to shoot this! Oh, but soon… We’re hoping to go back to snap some cool pictures for Nationals in October.  Fingers crossed!

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